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Swissbeau Doppler Fetal Heart rate Monitor

The most magical thing that brings to women is the ability to get pregnant and care for the child. Young mothers may be able to get the Swissbeau Doppler Fetal Heart rate Monitor in order to listen and track each of the early beats of the baby burns, as caring attention to his little angels. The identification of the heart of pregnancy during the course of the elect to be a part can help check the health status of the fetus, to diagnose the risk of finding dangerous and early intervention solutions. With the design of intelligent independent probes, future maternal fathers can use the equipment to measure cardiac pregnancy at home. Tracking the movement of cardiac pregnancy can often be avoided by the instability of the fetus due to a lack of oxygen in the uterus.

Swissbeau Doppler Fetal Heart rate Monitor has a main structure consisting of a connector with a handheld control panel that displays the results. The wire is in the middle of a torsion spring, easy to stretch and help the probe to be active with various set-up posture without impeding. The total weight of the product kit is only 500g, extremely compact and high mobility. It is possible to use anytime you want and carry your side very conveniently. The Swissbeau Doppler Fetal Heart rate Monitor has a standalone probe with a 2.5 MHz frequency measurement, along with the DSP technology application gauge (digital signal processing) for results with high precision, anti-interference whether the motion signal of the fetus is weak. Parents can start using the machine to hear heart for about 12 weeks of pregnancy calculated from the time of pregnancy so that the baby's heart is steadily functioning and hears the best heart rate. Now, you don't have to go to the new obstetric clinics that can hear the heart of pregnancy that can regularly track your beloved baby every day anytime you want. According to the test from the manufacturer, the gauge still works effectively for pregnant women with a chubby body. To be able to hear the heart accurately and honestly, inside the Doppler.

Swissbeau Doppler Fetal Heart rate Monitor is equipped with noise reduction and sound insulation. Help filter the other syllables in the abdominal cavity and highlight the heartbeat more. You can now share your family and friends and listen to the small children in your body in a healthy operation. You can listen directly from the loudspeaker's external on the fuselage. The cardiac meter of Swissbeau Doppler Fetal Heart rate Monitor uses the Doppler sound method: When the sound wave is transmitted from a fixed source to the blood vessel, it will be reversed and diffused by the moving red bridges, and then detected by the collection department. Supersonic power per unit area is less than 10

How to use:

  1. Insert batteries (+AA) into your doppler if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Lie back in a comfortable position.
  3. Lift up your top and move your pants down slightly.
  4. Apply the sonogram gel to your lower belly. (Don’t have sonogram gel? Understandable —  Aloe vera and lotion is a great alternative)
  5. Turn the doppler on and slowly —   really  slowly — move it around until you can hear the heartbeat. The earlier it is in your pregnancy, the lower you’ll likely have to go. Try below your belly button.
  6. Be aware that you’ll also hear your own heartbeat and the pulse of an artery. Baby’s heartbeat is much faster than either of these.