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Buy 1 Take 1 Swissbeau Baby & Pets Footprint/Handprint Kit (NO FRAME)

Swissbeau Baby and Pet Footprint/Handprint Kit is a mess-free, non-toxic Clean-Touch ink pad that lets you easily create a keepsake stamp without the mess of a traditional ink pad. Our easy-to-use ink pad is 100% child safe! In fact, a babyโ€™s hand or foot never touches the ink. Simply place your childโ€™s hand or foot on the three-time-use ink pad. Gently press the hand or foot onto the pad and you can transfer a detailed print onto any piece of standard paper or card stock card. Our kit includes 2 pieces of high-quality card stock suitable for framing.

This stamp can be used to create wonderful keepsake memories that last a lifetime. This ink stamp can also be used to capture pawprints of your dog or cat. Because it can be used several times, you can easily capture the handprint or pawprint of the most wiggly loved one in your life.

Extra Large Mess-Free Inkpad

Extra-Large Clean-Touch "Inkless" Ink Pad

  • Designed for children aged Newborn to 3 years old
  • No-mess, non-toxic design means your child does not get ink on their hands when you use the stamp
  • It can be used up to 3-5 times. Plenty of chances to get that perfect print!
  • Easily capture a handprint or footprint by gently pressing the ink pad into any standard paper or card stock
  • Child safe and acid-free
  • Includes 2 pieces of card stock for creating prints

Safe and Easy to Use

  • Clean Touch baby ink pad is non-toxic, baby-safe, and mess-free
  • Designed to easily stamp handprints, footprints, fingerprints or pawprints
  • Leaves no ink on your baby's hand or foot, or your pet's paw
  • Never worry about whether your baby's hand or feet will fit
  • The largest no-touch ink pad available anywhere!

Perfect Pet Paw Prints

Whether you want to capture the memory for regular baby or fur-baby, our no-mess pad is the puuuuurfect solution.

  • Works for all dog breeds
  • Works for all cat breeds
  • Capture both your pets and their people with this ink pad