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Nipple Flat Inverted Aspirator Corrector

The compact and lightweight nipple appliance can be worn continuously and will not affect your daily life.
Question answer:
1. Can girls use it?
A: Yes, this is a traction correction using a physical pipeline. Using inertial principles. Sticking to use will restore the nipple to perfect shape.
2. Can I use it during pregnancy? Is it good before pregnancy or after pregnancy?
A: There is no side effect (the principle is the same as above). It is recommended that you use lice before pregnancy because your baby will face breastmilk when you are born. If your mother's nipple is still invagination, your baby will be hungry because he can't get the mother's nipple.
3. How long will it be effective?
A: Correct 3-5 times a day, every time 10-30 minutes, use one week to get correction, one month to repair the shape, after three months of use to be consolidated