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Multi-purpose Baby Sling Wrap Carrier

Carrying a baby is not tiring at all with the right baby carrier.
  • ENHANCED BONDING - This Baby Wrap Carrier allows you to carry your newborn in the same position they have assumed in the womb, making it easy for eye contact to bond with your new loved one; By carrying your baby, your baby is close-by and safe, both in and out of the house. Research has shown that babywearing reduces crying and fussiness.
  • ULTRA-SOFT, BREATHABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - With the highest quality cotton fabric, baby warp carrier are strong, soft, breathable, cool in summer and cool in winter; this helps your baby adjust body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate; It's can easily resist the baby weight and is perfect for long-term use; With storage bag for mobile phones, wallets, towels, etc.
  • COMFORT - The shoulder has padding for added comfort, you won't feel tired or pain even carry for a long time, make sure that both the padding are resting on your shoulder or resting lightly on the top of your upper arm but never up on your neck, parents feel less tired or pain; Breastfeeding is simple and quick.
  • A FULLY-ADJUSTABLE SLING - Baby wrap carrier is a perfect fit for newborns, babies, and small toddlers; Versatile one size fits all, it is quick, easy and simple to adjust in order to carry your child easy and safely; Ladies and men of all sizes and shapes can wear it comfortably.