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Baby Walking Assistant

No more back pain while teaching your little one on how to walk.
  • HELPS BABIES LEARN TO WALK - It takes time before a baby learns to stand on his own and walk without fear. With a little help from this baby harness, your little one will be able to do so safely.
  • NO MORE BACKACHES - Helping a child take the first few steps involves a lot of bending. Our safety harness has adjustable straps so parents will no longer have to bend when assisting their baby.
  • PRACTICAL & MULTI-USE - What makes this harness unique is it has 2 handles with two different purposes. The first allows your baby to balance himself, the second lets your little one explore.
  • SAFE & SECURE - Your baby’s safety is our top priority which is why our baby walking assistant features premium-quality Velcro. It has good elasticity to keep your baby from getting hurt.
  • LIGHT & BREATHABLE - Our baby walking harness is made of a soft material that won’t irritate the skin even on hot summer days. It lets air in, so your baby feels comfortable with it on.